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quest Well, they're going to be busy for a while...

Knight: You are safe! I have defeated the foul beasts!
"Rescued" citizen: They were only rats...
Knight: Yes, but they were HUGE!

Man: Hello!

Knight: Greetings! Do you need the help of a skilled knight? Foul beasts? Lost treasure? ... No quest is too great for me!

Man: (This guy is... interesting) Well, I've lost my memory and...
Knight: Ah, you wish me to help you find out about your past? That would certainly be an interesting quest...

Man: You can help?
Knight: Well, actually I'm a little busy right now as I promised to help the town with everything listed on their notice board. If you could help me I might be able to help you...

(Looking at notice board)
Man: *sigh*
Knight: Oh, and my name is Sir Questalot!
Man: That's an... odd name...
Questalot: It perfectly describes me!

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