Smells Like Tuesday

Smells like Tuesday is a game currently being created by me(working on it for a few years now). Sometimes other people contribute, and when that happens, it usually gets significantly better (Seriously, it would still be full of cubes). Nothing is really fixed yet and everything still needs a lot of work. Things are gradually getting there though. (Not that the game has decided what it wants to be yet)

The three main characters are:

Together, this strange bunch save the world from the most evil things in existence, a bunch of cubes. Well... they're evil in their world. (Or it could just be a lack of artwork for enemies. Maybe that.)

Of course, there are some other things along the way, like Andrew trying to work out why he's there, Questalot doing quests and Hoshii stealing anything that happens to be shiny...

Coming ... Whenever I finish it. Which will hopefully happen at some point.